6 Best Dirt Bikes of All Time

Dirt bikes are the bikes that are particularly designed for the enthusiast of off the road riders and are quite different in style, look, performance and equipments as compared to simple day to day use motorbikes. There are lots of off road riding lovers and to meet their requirements, there are a number of top notch dirt bikes manufacturing names including Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, CR, Husqvarna and many more. When it comes to ranking top 6 best dirt bikes of all time, it will be very tricky for anyone because there are lots of names that have performed well and are still loved by dirt bike lovers due to many reasons. Another big hitch is that people have their own perception about different types of dirt bikes and it may possible lots of them don’t agree me for my selection.

Here are the 6 best dirt bikes of all time that I think should be with their pros and cons and features.

Honda Mini Trail Z50

The most senior member of the top six best dirt bikes is the Honda mini Trail z50 which is is the all time best dirt bike since 1969. In the late 60’s more than 30,000 units of this bike were sold in a single year which is a record.


Kawasaki KX-60

The Kawasaki KX60 is a perfect match for the first time riders and is one of the best dirt bikes of all time. Since 1983, it has received lots of improvements for its look and particularly for its performance. It is the most affordable and best motocross for the beginner and is at the same time the first choice of parents for their youngsters.


Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 is one of the best dirt bikes of all time especially for the beginners. The seat height of the bike is 19.1 inches, automatic transmission and adjustable throttle has made the first drive of lots of youngsters perfect and unforgettable. Since 1981 to 2012, the market demand of the Yamaha PW-50 never faced a drop.


Maico 490

The Maico 490 of the 1981 is no doubt a big WOW to its class and is one of the top notch dirt bikes of all time. The bike was equipped with an air cooled engine with a unique and attractive design and since 1981 it has not been duplicated. In 1983, the Maico released three more models of the Maico 490, desert racer, motocross and an Enduro. The engine of the motocross and desert racer has an improved engine power with 4 speed and 5 speed transmission respectively.



The KTM 450 EXC models are no doubt one of the most popular dirt bikes that are loved by people all around the globe for its chassis, powerful engine and increased displacement. Since 2003, when the first model of the KTM 450 EXC was introduced it has continuously gained some big improvements for its chassis, wide transmission ratio, noise reduction, weight reduction and engine improvements. A noticeable improvement work can be seen in all the models of the KTM 450 EXC from 2003 to current 2013 models. In 2007 the engine was modified to 4 stroke XC, for 2008 it is changed to XC4 and now for 2013 the KTM450 exc model carry an SOHC engine. Looking at to its track record, it is expected that the model will also be a best all time dirt bike of the future.


CR 500

No doubt most of the dirt bikes by Honda always consider the all time best and the CR 500 is one of them. Since 1980 to 2012, the bike is continuously receiving appreciation from the dirt bike lovers. The bike is easy to handle and interesting and fun in riding.